About our Hoya quality

About Plantanicas Hoya cuttings and plants

We cultivate Hoyas in a small scale. We don´t have a massproduction and some sorts are only available in limited numbers. If you are interested in a Hoya that is out of stock, you can push the button "Bevaka" Then in the popup box write your e-mail adress. Then you will get an e-mail when we have it in stock again.

All measurements are approximate. Sometimes the cuttings can be smaller, sometimes cuttings can be larger.

Examples on measurements:

1-2 nodes / 1-2 leaves: can be one node with one leaf, or one nod with two leaf or two nodes with 2 or more leaves

10- 15 cm = several nodes and leaves for Hoyas with small leaves.

Node/nodes is where the leaves grow and where the Hoya gets its regrowth.

Most of our rooted cuttings and plants are rooted and grown in soil or a coir mixture. In rare cases some Hoyas are rooted in moss if they are particularly demanding. Some hoyas can be rooted in perlite or pumice and sometimes in water. All plants is delivered without pots and are marked with its name.

All pictures on cuttings and plants are examples and show the approximate size on the cutting/plant.

The rooted cuttings are rooted for about 1-3 months or longer. Most of the cuttings have regrowth and has started to grow.

The Hoya plants we sell has been rooted for 3-6 months or longer and most of them has started to grow and has a well established rootsystem. In some cases it can also bee a larger cutting rooted for 1 - 3 months.

Plantanicas passion is plants and particularly Hoyas. We grow our own Hoyas to enjoy and to be fascinated by its beautiful flowers and leaves. Each cutting and small plant we sell has been carefully nursed. We are meticulous with our quality and what we sell.

The shop are at the moment just in Swedish- hope you can use it anyway. If you have any questions just mail us - we reply as soon as posssible.

Köp = buy

orotad = unrooted

rotad = small rooted cutting 1 - 3 month old

planta = small plant rooted and growing for about 3 - 6 month or longer

small cuttings and plants

small rooted cuttings

plants of macgillivrayi

plants 3 - 6 month old