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It is important that you read our terms and conditions before you place an order.
When you make a purchase at Plantanica, you have approved Plantanicas terms and conditions. All orders are binding and must be paid by the buyer. If you are a minor or under 18 years of age, you need approval from a parent or a guardian.

We sell and ship within EU but only to countries that are inside EU and EUs tax area.

When you have finished you order an order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. In the order confirmation you will find all the details regarding you order. If something is wrong, you must contact us immediately. The customer have to take responsibility for that the adress and contact information are correct. Plantanica can not be responsible for parcels that are lost in transport or delivered back to us if the adress and contact information are not correct or missing. If the customer write wrong adress or other contact information are missing or wrong and that makes the parcel can not be deliveried or it get lost during transport the customer have the whoole  economical responsiblity for that and can not claim Plantanica any economical refund for the order or the freightcost.  Also all extra cost that can be added from freight companies are on the customers responsibility and shall be paid by the customer.


All prices is in SEK including VAT (25%). In the ckeck-out you will see the total sum for your order, including freight cost and other possible fees that may be added on your order before you confirm your purchase.



Freight cost shown in the checkout default are are for delivery within Sweden only.

To see the freight cost for delivery outside Sweden, go to the check-out and choose your country in the drop-down meny. Deliveries are made by postal service or DHL parcel connect depending on coutry, and the cost is based on size and / or weight.

When the freight are booked we always send you an e-mail with the trackingnumber for the parcel so you can track it.



You collect the parcel at DHL service Point / Parcel connect shop or box in some countries and in some contries it is Home delivery. In some coutries the parcel are handed over to another freight company when it reaches the destination coutry. It can be Bring,  Posti or other postal service depend on country.
You got SMS or E-mail when it´s ready to collect.
You got tracking number from us when the freight are booked.
Usually delivery time for DHL when the parcel are collected here at our place are 3 - 12 workingdays depending on country and city. Delays during transport can occure and in that case deliverytime will take longer. Freightcompany have 30 days to deliver a parcel if it is delayed in some reason.
The freight cost are based on weight or volume weight / size.





10 kg - 225 sek
20 kg - 295 sek
30 kg - 595 sek
40 kg - 695 sek
50 kg - 895 sek
60 kg - 995 sek
80 kg - 1295 sek






10 kg - 350 sek
20 kg - 425 sek
30 kg - 795 sek
40 kg - 850 sek
50 kg - 1200 sek
60 kg - 1600 sek
80 kg:- 1800 sek


Delivery date

Delivery outside Sweden is usually 3 -14 days. There is an estimated delivery date on every product, it´s estimate delivery time for orders in Sweden, but for shipments outside Sweden it will be some longer delivery time. When purchasing several products with varying delivery dates, it is always the longest delivery date for the entire order.  At season peeks and holidays, delivery dates can be longer.

We always send e-mail with trackingnumber for the parcel when it is packed and the freight are booked so you can see when it is ready to be collected.


Due to current events, Covid-19: if the delivery gets delayed Plantanica will not be held responsible.
Plants shipped will not be refunded if they get bad because of any delay. In that case it is force major.


Uncollected shipments

When uncollected shipments is returned to us, we will charge the customer a minimum fee for each parcel.  Fee for parcels outside Sweden 700 SEK (including VAT). That include the cost to the freight company that they charge us to handle the returned parcel. It also include the freight cost for the parcel to have it sent back to us. For larger or heavier parcel it can be a higher freight cost. Usually the shipment is supposed to be collected from the freight company within 12 -14 days, and after that it will be returned to us. The freight cost that occured with the order will not be refunded. For uncollected shipments with sensitive products (for example, plants and cuttings) that have take damage because customer have not collect the parcel,  Plantanica got the right to not pay back part of or whoole of the sum for thoose products.



We cooperate with Nets and we offer card payment in Nets Easy-Checkout
Card : MasterCard, Visa, Maestro.
All card information is handled by Nets. They have secure payment PCI DSS.

In Nets check-out you can choose to save delivery information and the card information. It will make your next purchase smooth in future.

Rights of regret

Rights of regret is valid only for purchases over 400SEK (including VAT).
The cooling off period is valid for 14 days and starts from the day the product were received. You must contact us by email that you regret you purchase. Do not send us any goods until you have received an email confirmation from us. Rights of regret do not include products that can quickly deteriorate (living plants such as cuttings and plantlets).

When returning products, the customer is obligated to return the product in good condition. If the product is used or damaged in any way that is resulting in depreciation, Plantanica has the right to make a deduction on the amount that shall be repayed. The buyer pays for the return shipping and is responsible that the goods are returned in a safe way to Plantanica.

When returning the order: The freightcost that arose during the purchase will not be refunded.

The refund will be in a way that doesn´t cause any extra cost for the customer and preferably to the customers bank account. Refunding is made within 30 days from the date when the products are received by Plantanica.

Note that an uncollected package is NOT the right of regret. To use the right of regret the buyer must collect the goods and after that the customer can use the right or regret.

Download withdrawal form:



If the package is damaged when you pick it up at the delivery agent, you must make a report at the delivery agents office. The delivery agent must make a report of the damaged package before you collect it. You shall not make a claim to the freight company, all claims is handled by Plantanica. If the package has a visible damage, you must document it (pictures) before you open the package.If any product in the package is damaged when you open it, you must document both the package and the products (pictures).The claim is made to us via email(claims@plantanica.se) attach pictures and a description of the damaged goods. When we have approved you claim, we will compensate you in an appropiate way, either by sending you an equivalent product or with a discount code to be used in the  webshop. The buyer can not claim a plant that has been damaged/died because they did not collect it from the delivery agent. Packages with living plants must be collected immediately from the delivery agent. To have the right to claim plants, the buyer must collect the package within 2 days after it is available at the delivery agent. If the buyer has not collected the package within 2 days  after it is available at the delivery agent, the buyer has lost the right to make a claim for plants that has gone bad during transport. If the plants is damaged at delivery, it must be reported directly to us within 1 week after you have received the package. Claims/warranty is not valid for living plants that has been frozen during transport in temperatures colder than recommended from Plantanica.

Claims is sent to:

Ry 1
432 66 Veddige


Cancel order
When the order are under construction, packaging or in delivery it is not possible to cancel the order.

Incorrect deliveryadress

If customer has provided incorrected delivery adress or contact information which result in additional cost for Plantanica, the customer will be charged the additional cost, at least 295 sek.

When cancelling an order which leads to additional cost for Plantanica, the customer will be charged at least 295 sek.

Personal data policy

Plantanica cares about your personal integrity and that you feel safe when you are shopping from us. Your personal data is never sold or given to unauthorized persons.
We need your personal data to be able to deliver your order. Your personal data may be given to third party to be able to send and to receive payment inter alia, freight companys, payment services.

We store inter alia, name, adress, telephone, email.

When you shop from Plantanica you approve that we  may store your personal data according to our personal data policy.

Here you can read our personal data policy, and by making a purchase from us, you have taken part of and approved that we store your personal data:


Plants and cuttings

When you are ordering plants, it is important that you collect you package and repot the plant as soon as possible. Plantanica is supplying advice regarding rooting, care and cultivation of your plant. You can read all instructions on Plantanica.se. Plantanica is not responsible for how you succeed with your plants after it has been delivered and leaves no warranty on plants. If you need further advice, please contact us via e-mail.
Most plants that Plantanica sells are exotic plants and can´t withstand cold.  Neither Plantanica nor the freight company can guarantee frost free deliveries.

In cold weather, the plants is packed well in bubblewrap and paper. It is alright to send as long as it is a few degrees plus celcius during the day and a few degrees minus celcius during the night. If it is too cold, plants will not be sent and we will wait for warmer weather. If you wish for you plant to be sent, even if it is colder than Plantanica recommends, Plantanica will not be held responsible if the plants freezes.

Plants are sent from Veddige in south of Sweden.


Plantanica buys most of its seeds from seed companies outside Sweden to offer you an exciting range of seeds. Some seeds are openly pollinated, and therefore occasional variations may occur. Some plants are cultivated and have variegated leaves, which mean that they may revert to green leaves. These plants should be removed. Plantanica and its seed suppliers cannot be held responsible for plant with deviating colors etc. Plantanica is not responsible for how well you succeed with your growing of your plants. Tips on how to grow them is presented on each type of seed in the webshop.



We use session cookies. This is used for the cart to work. The session cookie is deleted when you close the browser. If you do not accept cookies, some parts of the shop does not work and you can´t make any purchases in the shop. If you do not want to accept cookies, it can be set in the browsers settings to automatically deny cookies. You can also delete previously stored cookies. See your browsers help section for more information.


It is not allowed to use pictures from Plantanica. All pictures on the webpage come from Plantanica and its suppliers/partners, and bought pictures. The exception is some pictures that is used under Creative Commons Public Domain (CC0).

Only one cupong per purchase.
The discount is for products only, not freight cost.
Discountcode must be added during purchase in the check-out and can not be added after puchase are done.


We reserve ourselves for any misprints. We cannot guarantee that the pictures depict the products exact look, when a certain deviation in colour can occur due to different screens and resolutions. We reserve ourselves that a plant or seed is not correctly named, or has the latest published name. We reserve ourselves for any price changes, due to changes from our suppliers, misprints in our pricelist and wrong prices due to wrong information and we have the right to adjust the prices accordingly. We reserve ourselves if some product is temporary sold out. We reserve ourselves if a plant/cutting cannot be delivered because it has gone bad, in these cases, we have the right to delay delivery. If delivery cannot be made within a reasonable time period (approx 1 month) with an equal product, the customer can choose to get a similar product or get a refund for that product. If the customer wants a replacement product, Plantanica and the customer will agree what product will be sent. If Plantanica and the customer cannot agree what product is a reasonable replacement, Plantanica has the right to refund the customer for the product that was supposed to be sent and the customer no longer has the right to demand a replacement. We reserve ourselves for delivery delay.

All sales are done thru the webshop Plantanica.se or other sell channels on the internet. We do not have a physical store.

We follow the distance selling regulations.

Company info

Postal and delivery adress:
Ry 1
432 66 Veddige

Phone: 070 280 29 75

E-mail: info@plantanica.se

Registration number: 7205317105

VAT: SE720531710501