About us


My name is Marie and I´m the owner of Plantanica. I have always had a large interest in plants and cultivating plants. I have been collecting Hoyas for about 20 years and succulents and other odd plants for just as long, and my garden for 15 years. I have good knowledge and experience from growing plants and I have been thinking a long time about starting a web shop. By summer 2015 it was time and I started Plantanica.se.

Plantanica has a large range of Hoya cuttings, both rooted and unrooted plants and also succulents and odd plants. We only sell cuttings and plants of good quality so you have the best chances too succeed with your cutting/plant.

Do not order any plants when it is cold outside. Neither Plantanica nor the freight company can guarantee frost free shipments and does not provide any warranty on plants that have frozen during delivery. Delivery of plants is made from Veddige in the south of Sweden.

Plantanica also has an exciting range of seeds with focus on the odd and unusual.

Welcome as a customer to Plantanica!

The shop is for the time beeing only in Swedish. If you need help to make a purchase, how to use the checkout, or have a question regarding the shop, please send us an e-mail and we will contact you shortly.

Get the latest news from the shop here: news.plantanica.se

Plantanica – The plantshop with the exciting assortment.