Cultivation tips

Cultivation of Hoya and other plants and cuttings

Care of your newly purchased cuttings and plants of Hoya and other plants.

Unrooted cuttings:

Most Hoyas is easy to root and will root fine in water, moss or a loose porous soilmixture.
If you are rooting in moss, please try to get rid of as much moss as possible before you plant it in soil. If there is too much moss on the roots it can either be too moist around the roots, or if it has dried out, it can be difficult to get moisture back again. Put it in a shady place until it has got some roots. Plant it in loose porous soil and let it sit in a shady place until it has started to grow. If you put in a miniature greenhouse it will speed up the root growth for most Hoyas.

Rooted cuttings/small plants:

Plant them in a loose porous soil mixture and let them sit in a shady place for a period of time. Keep the substrate adequately moist and water it when necessary.

Cultivation of Hoya:

Hoyas thrive in loose porous soilmixture. Ordinary store bought soil is too compact, even the one where there is small leca aggregates in it. Make your own soil from, for example, plant soil, sphagnum and/or coir, mixed with small leca aggregates and/or perlite. The mixture should be loose and porous and permeable but at the same time be able to keep moisture.

Most Hoyas can withstand drying up between watering and is easy to manage and are quite tough. Some thinleaved Hoyas wants more regular watering and don´t want to dry for too long. No Hoya wants to be wet for too long, especially during winter when it is colder and darker. You may want to cut back on watering during this period.

Most Hoyas thrive in semi shade or a light place. However, not many Hoyas wants full sun all day. Many Hoyas like it in a shaded window but they don´t bloom very well there. You can grow Hoyas there for the beautiful foliage.

Taking care of newly arrived succulents.

Succulents are planted or rooted in permeable soilmixture. Put them in a shady place. Unrooted succulents are sparsely watered during its rooting period. If it is required, special advices for each succulent are found in the shop under products.